Catcoin Celebrates 2 Years of Meows

Catcoin is a community-driven project launched on November 26, 2021, by Miaoshi Nekomoto (Satoshi Nakamoto’s fictitious cat). The project has completed two years of innovation, development, and growth and is now moving towards new heights.

Although the initiative was abandoned mid-way, the cat-loving community came together and restarted the project. The project has a brand identity, which is a cat named Hoshi. The team won the World’s Best Community Driven Coin award from Crypto Expo Asia in 2022. Catcoin is currently available in exchanges such as BitForex, LBank and CoinTiger.

Furthermore, Catcoin has renounced its contract, meaning the community controls all decisions. Each decision made with the marketing wallet for project expenditures must go through a multi-signature wallet controlled by fully doxxed team members.

The Catcoin core team are all volunteers specializing in different fields, such as graphic design, administration, branding, and marketing. They are also among the top Verified Teams (KYC) leaderboard. The members have improved the security, launching the V2 contract on April 21, 2022. The security for the project is among the highest-rated CetiK audits. Apart from CertiK, the project also has an audit by SolidProof.

The Catcoin team indulges in various charities helping homeless cats in Spain through a partnership with Catland Javea in the Caring Cats Charity. They also teach children valuable trade skills in Canada with an all-female trades society Tools to Empower. Additionally, they also feed the homeless on an international level with the Cats Fight Hunger movement.

Catcoin Tokenomics

The native token for the project is $CATS and is available on several exchanges, such as BitForex, DappRadar, etc. The asset also has one of the highest ratings on Token Sniffer and DEXTools. The project has 987.56 trillion tokens in circulation with 24,629 holders and a market cap of $773,680.

Catcoin has a 2% Tax on buying, which goes towards marketing, and a 10% Tax on selling, of which 3% goes to reflections and 7% goes to marketing.

More Features

Catcoin also has a staking feature with 10% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). The project also has two sold-out NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) collections, which add another 4% APY when staked.

The project also has a lottery where BNB holders can win prizes.

Furthermore, the project has a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voting system to ensure more decentralization.

Catcoin also has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) department called Cat Labs. Their AI service is available on X and Telegram with @AskHoshi.

The team has also launched a burn mechanism that removes tokens from circulation 24/7. By reducing the supply, the price will eventually move upwards. The asset has proven resilient during bear markets, with the community turning the project into a leading cat-coin.

Catcoin aims to launch games on its platform very soon. Moreover, the team is working on an Ethereum (ETH) bridge, a mobile application, and a crypto debit card.

To learn more about Catcoin, visit  website, read  whitepaper, see  contract, for staking or visit social media (TelegramXYouTubeInstagram).