So let’s cut straight to the money shot. We are delighted to announce that the long awaited Catcoin DAO is now live! To celebrate this auspicious occasion and give the Catcoin price a major boost, there will be a ZERO buy tax for a whole fortnight!

That’s two weeks in old money. During that time all sell tax will go to liquidity and marketing. Furthermore, the Swap & Liquify function has also been suspended, which will lesson selling pressure for the next 14 days. All in all, expect some bullish price action in the next 14 days. In fact, Catcoin historians might recall that the last time we introduced a ZERO buy tax in late May ’22, Catcoin enjoyed a price bounce from around 3.5 Million MC to around 6.2. Today’s price represents a potentially fantastic entry point, so what are you waiting for?

Get yourselves over to PancakeSwap pronto! So, as we all know, the purpose of a DAO is that it allows holders to have a say in all future Catcoin decisions, as the project moves forward. To mark the occasion, the very first vote will be to name our beloved Catcoin mascot. Incidentally, have we actually decided on the sex of our Avatar? Male, female, or even Gender Neutral, as seems to be the fashion these days. Maybe we can vote on that also…

That aside, send in your naming suggestions to the main chat, when the best ones will be put forward for selection in Catcoin’s very first DAO vote!

Head on over to for full details.


Many of you will be aware that Catcoin OGs,  Jared and Acosti (plus some super talented professional game developers from the Catcoin community) have been working on our very own Catcoin video game.  Well, the finished version, of the first of many, Catcoin-related games is due for imminent release. It was hoped the game , whose title is still under wraps, would be previewed during this AMA, but hopefully, they’ll be revealing their masterpiece very, very soon. Not only will you be able to play a slickly produced Catcoin video game across the majority of formats, but there will be prizes and even actual Catcoin up for grabs too. Jared tells us that this is only the first release of many Catcoin-related arcade-style games, so expect a fully working version to drop any day now! 


Catcoin’s favourite back-packing-monk, BPM, has started a hugely worthwhile charity initiative, namely, Cats Fight Hunger. This amazing charity distributes free food for less fortunate people in India,  who often don’t even have the resources to feed themselves. For further details on how to help BPM and his amazing charity, he’s waiting to hear from you @backpackingmonk .


The Catcoin lottery is back and there’s a whopping prize up for grabs. In total there are 200 tickets available and at the time of writing just over 50 have been sold. The grand prize is the equivalent of 10 whole BNB paid out in CATS!! Head on over to to purchase your ticket/s now!! 


I’m sure we all agree that tonight’s Catcoin AMA was the most exciting in many a month: the Catcoin DAO finally lands and to celebrate you can now buy your favorite crypto at ZERO buy tax. We have the imminent release of our first dedicated and proper Catcoin-related video game, where you can actually earn Catcoins just for playing! The Catcoin price is beginning to show positive movement too, so what better time to invest your hard-earned BNB. Yes, there’s no DOA’t about it Catcoin is back. Oh, one more thing. Don’t forget to send in your naming suggestions for our Catcoin mascot in our very first DAO vote. Personally, I’ve always liked the name Adam, for a cat…